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DAT offers comprehensive website development and maintenance support to digital agencies. From creating engaging and responsive websites to ensuring their seamless functionality over time, we provide the essential expertise for a strong online presence.

Outsourced Website Development
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Save time and cost with DAT's Website Development and Maintenance Support for Digital Agencies. We specialize in crafting engaging and responsive websites tailored to your clients’ brands, ensuring a seamless online experience. Our expertise spans across popular platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Magento, and Shopify, making us a reliable partner for building and sustaining your website development projects.

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Website Maintenance
and Development


We help digital agencies with building WordPress websites for their clients. Our WordPress development team manages and updates over 200 sites every month. Our WordPress development for digital agencies comprehensive services encompass crucial tasks, including plugin updates, content updates, spam management, thorough checks for broken links and landing page errors, and seamless implementation of SEO strategies.


Our experienced Squarespace developers specialize in creating bespoke Squarespace sites with a range of customized features, such as template customization, mobile-friendly design, custom content management systems, content updates, platform maintenance, integrate analytics, SEO optimization, social media integration and more.


Our certified Magento developers work together with digital agencies to create and manage easily upgradable and scalable WordPress websites using Magento. With a track record of 30+ Magento projects, our comprehensive services encompass user-friendly data import, catalog management, content management systems, flexible third-party integrations, scalable shopping carts, SEO integration, and tailored solutions.


Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of thousands of digital agencies develop and maintain eCommerce stores for their clients. Our comprehensive, full-stack services cover everything from store setup, custom theme development, app integration, design customization, e-commerce migration, payment gateway setup, API development, SEO optimization, performance enhancement, to ongoing maintenance and support.

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Our experienced website design and development team can take care of all your outsourced development and maintenance efforts. Our highly skilled development team works as your extended team to develop and maintain websites providing the best Offshore website development in WordPress, Magento, Shopify and Squarespace.

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Created and managed over 2000+ websites since inception

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Whether it's WordPress, Magento, Shopify, or custom development, our team is proficient in various platforms, offering you a versatile range of options

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In an era of diverse devices, we prioritize responsive design to guarantee an optimal viewing experience across all platforms

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We believe in transparent and open communication throughout the development and maintenance process, keeping you informed and involved. We collaborate, considering your feedback at every stage to create a website that exceeds your expectations

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We are extremely pleased with DAT. We see a definitely measurable increase in our website traffic, our Facebook page, and a quantifiable increase to my number of surgeries and the treatments provided by our MedSpa.

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