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Whether it's enhancing ad performance, adjusting budgets, or generating detailed reports, we are committed to helping digital agencies to harness the full potential of Google Ads and Bing Ad scripts, elevating your capabilities and streamlining your campaign management process.

Outsourced Digital Media Campaign Automation Services

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We have built a library of 100+ Google Ad scripts as a by-product of our work with 30+ digital agencies. We use this library to customize scripts to meet the unique needs of each of our digital agency client. The applications range from bid adjustments and budget management to Ad copy activation/pausing and generating automated reports of zero impression ad groups and keywords.

In SEO automation, our expertise extends to creating scripts that automate tasks such as meta tag optimization, content updates, and site audits. This not only saves time but also ensures that websites are consistently optimized for search engine algorithms, ultimately boosting organic visibility.

In the realm of paid social automation, our agency excels in implementing scripts that streamline the management of campaigns across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Examples include scripts that automatically adjust ad budgets based on performance or update ad creative dynamically to maintain relevance and engagement.

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Why Choose Us

We have a distinct divisions staffed with experts in Digital Media and, Analytics and Technology who collaborate to implement best-of-the-breed automation solution for our clients

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Dedicated and Experienced Analytics and Technology team

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Robust library of 100+ Google Ads Scripts

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Customize, implement and manage 1000+ Google Ad / Bing Scripts across 2000+ client campaigns

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A customized suite of automation software that has been developed and is currently in use.

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Thanks to DAT’s expertise, our agency’s paid search campaigns are now seamlessly automated with custom Google Ads scripts. The efficiency and performance boost have been remarkable, making DAT an invaluable partner in our digital media success.


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