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We help digital agencies with simple and complex Datorama dashboards including integrating data from diverse sources, data blending, advanced analytics, template creation and report scheduling.

Outsourced Datorama Services

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We seamlessly implement and optimize Datorama, connecting it with diverse data sources for a unified digital media performance view. We design and develop custom dashboards to meet your agency's unique needs.

We have configured Datorama ro track every nuance of your campaigns, from cross-channel attribution to real-time data capture, and visualize it effortlessly through customizable dashboards. We not only create templates and set-up reports, but also, manage and maintain the reports on an ongoing basis for a nominal monthly fee

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We have implemented Datorama for several agencies integrating data from varied digital media, CRM and ERP data sources and setting up automated reporting.

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Implemented 200+ Datorama dashboards

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Our Data Scientists best equipped to fully exploit Datorama’s AI functionalities

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Expertise to build custom API Integrations

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Integrate external algorithms to assist you get to the next level of Marketing Intelligence

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Magesh and team have been a fantastic asset to our organization specifically with analytics and business intelligence solution delivery. In one particular instance we inherited a Datorama implementation that went off the rails with another agency, and Magesh and team methodically worked through the various bugs and implementation oversights to deliver an outstanding solution which our client uses on a daily basis to measure the effectiveness of their large omni-channel marketing campaigns. Our client had been struggling with their Datorama implementation for 6+ months, Magesh and team were able to quickly identify and resolve issues while also delivering, both on time and in budget, a framework that kept the clients longer term goal and requirements in play.

Peter Schoonyoung, Partner

Dept. 11, Inc

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