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Explore our success stories illustrating how our cutting-edge services have propelled businesses to greater heights. Discover firsthand how our expertise has transformed online presence and driven sustainable growth for our clients.

Paid Search Case Study of Digital Marketing Agency in US

Paid Search : Case Study 1

Our client is a well-known digital marketing agency based in the US, specializing in managing Go-To-Market campaigns. Working with specific industry verticals, they oversee 600+ accounts for running paid search campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, and dynamic display. Managing a large volume of clients and data while ensuring a fast turnaround time presents a significant challenge. This prompted their partnership with us to overcome these obstacles and effectively implement their projects.

Paid Search Case Study for Elderly Care service

Paid Search : Case Study 2

One of our agency partner clients is an Elderly Care service provider managing 300+ senior homes nationwide. While they possess a robust digital presence in 50 communities, they face challenges in 250 other communities. Their goal is to initiate Paid search campaigns within these 250 communities; however, they lack the technical proficiency to manage extensive Paid search campaigns. The agency shifted the client’s PPC campaigns to DAT in aiming to improve both the quality and quantity of leads.

SEO Service Case Study For Top Digital Agency

SEO: Case Study 1

Our client is a top digital agency serving small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and professionals with a self-service SEO platform. To manage their diverse client base efficiently, they require swift actions and a fast service turnaround, which demands a considerable amount of manpower. Hiring more employees to meet this demand would result in substantial costs. These challenges have hindered their ability to fully explore SEO opportunities for SMBs. Seeking rapid growth, the agency has partnered with DAT to address these challenges.

SEO Service Case Study For Boutique

SEO: Case Study 2

The Chicago-based boutique digital media agency with an extensive client portfolio, specializes in managing SEO for their clients. Due to a lack of structure, workload, and a cohesive team, the agency faced difficulties in executing comprehensive SEO strategies and implementation. To resolve these challenges, they have sought out DAT for collaboration. The objective is to jointly develop tailored client SEO strategies and efficiently manage and implement the complete end-to-end SEO for their end clients.

Paid Social Case Study for Healthcare Industry

Paid Social : Case Study 1

The Ohio-based healthcare agency has several pharmaceutical clients that conduct clinical trials. The pharmaceutical companies extensively promote on Facebook to recruit candidates for these trials. These campaigns are typically targeted to 400+ locations and require quick turnaround times, demanding a high number of resources for a short duration. The agency, with its conventional staffing model, was not geared to handle such high spikes. So, they turned to DAT

Google Analytics 4 For Local Businesses

Paid Social : Case Study 2

A nation’s leading digital media agency encountered hurdles due to the increasing demand for analyst support to manage daily account management activities. With Account Managers (AMs) dedicating more time to handling account-related tasks, there’s a noticeable reduction in the time available for direct client engagement. Additionally, the agency faces a challenge in expanding its clientele due to the limited bandwidth caused by the extensive focus on account management, thereby hindering their proactive acquisition of new clients and business opportunities.    

Digital Media Campaign Automation Case Study on Health and Wellness Brand

Digital Media Campaign Automation: Case Study 2

One of our agency clients, a country’s leading health and wellness brand specializing in nutritional supplements, sought a solution to scale their Facebook Ads efforts efficiently while ensuring creative diversity. Making multiple ad variations for diverse products and promotions manually was hard work and slowed down the pace of launching campaigns. They need an automated ad creation solution that dynamically generates ad variations based on product feeds, promotions, and predefined templates. This automated system ensured that this client could quickly launch diverse ad creatives without manual input.

Digital Media Campaign Automation Case Study on Google Advertisement

Digital Media Campaign Automation: Case Study 1

The customer is highly concerned about avoiding excessive spending on Google advertisements. Their accounts feature campaign-level budgets, adding complexity to budget management. They seek a digital media campaign automation solution to effectively manage budgets, aiming to address this issue effectively.

Digital Media Campaign Automation Case Study on Google Advertisement

Workflow Automation : Case Study 1

Our client operates as a data-driven analytics agency, specializing in digital media performance analysis and reporting for a diverse clientele. They encountered difficulties in manually preparing digital media performance reports and managing time-consuming reporting procedures within Excel. These challenges encompass extracting data from multiple platforms, lengthy formatting tasks, and the inherent risk of errors. Seeking efficiency, they aimed to automate these tasks, minimize errors, and guarantee timely and precise reporting for their clients.

Workflow Automation Case Study on Digital Agency

Workflow Automation : Case study 2

Our client, a leading digital agency, boasts a substantial client base within the same industry. They are managing over 600 accounts with the same thematic campaigns, Ad Groups, Ad Copies, and Keywords. As part of routine monthly tasks, they need to check 600K+ keywords, review 80K+ ad copies to ensure there are no errors such as misspelled brand names, different brand names or products/services present in the wrong account etc. On top of it they have 20K-30K ad copy change requests for promotions and other marketing initiatives. The extensive data volume posed a risk of mismatches, leading to the addition ...

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