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DAT empowers digital agencies by providing workflow automation solutions, streamlining processes, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Outsourced Workflow Automation Services

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DAT provides cutting-edge workflow automation solutions to digital agencies. We assist digital agencies in streamlining their operations by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring efficiency in campaign and project management tasks. We have developed tools to automate the approval process for ad creatives, reducing turnaround times and enhancing the overall campaign management workflow.

Moreover, our solution can be tailored to automate reporting processes, allowing agencies to generate customized performance reports effortlessly. This not only saves time but also ensures that stakeholders have real-time access to critical data for data-driven decision-making.

With DAT's assistance, digital agencies can elevate their operational efficiency, improve collaboration, and deliver outstanding results to their clients.

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Why Choose Us

Our technology team with exclusive and extensive experience working on numerous automation projects for digital agencies can deliver custom automation projects quickly and cheaply

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Internal culture of Kaizen to constantly identify and automate our own internal processes

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Custom developed 50+ tools for internal use and for our digital agency clients

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Dedicated technology team with experience delivering to digital agencies

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Deep knowledge in and use of emerging AI tools

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Our partnership with the Digital Analyst Team dates back many years and has been invaluable. We would not be able to do the things we do without their skill set, imagination, and incredible responsiveness to our (and clients’) needs. It’s not only a business relationship – it’s personal. And I love how far we have come together.

George Rafeedie, Founder

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