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DAT provides data warehousing solutions tailored for digital agencies, consolidating crucial data to streamline analysis and foster informed decision-making

Outsourced Data Warehousing Services

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Enhance your digital agency’s analytical capabilities with DAT's data warehouse solutions. From meticulous data ingestion and integration, encompassing sources such as search engines, web analytics, social media, SEO tools, CRM, and marketing automation, to a well designed data architecture ensuring peak performance and scalability, we pave the way for real time insights

Our well-architected data warehouse not only amplifies data processing efficiency but also ensures swift query responses, minimal downtime, and robust data security. Elevate your agency's performance with our data science, AI, and ML solutions, delivering precision campaigns and real-time optimization.

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We have deep expertise and experience in designing tailored data warehousing solutions, seamlessly integrating diverse data sources, and providing a centralized repository for enhanced real-time insights.

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Delivered custom warehouses to 20+ digital agencies

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Dedicated technology team focused on Data Warehouse technologies

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Team led by a Data Scientist

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Implemented 50+ analytics / AI / ML projects

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DAT worked with us to build a proof-of-concept dashboard in conjunction with our Medill Subscriber Engagement Index initiative. The success of the POC led us to engage DAT to build the MSEI operational platform. DAT developed a highly efficient and cost-effective platform using Snowflake as the data warehouse. DAT also developed a custom front-end visualization that will ultimately support thousands of users. DAT clearly understood our requirements, developed an efficient and cost-effective solution, and quickly delivered an advanced platform. DAT has been a valued partner for a complex project involving analytics, cloud-based data warehousing, and data visualization.

Jonathan Copulsky, Executive Director

Medill Spiegel Research Center, Northwestern University

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