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Looker Studio is a terrific reporting tool option for your agency if you are using Excel or other expensive tools for reporting. Looker Studio is free, and we can help you get the best out of this tool. Even if you are a current Looker Studio, we can help.

Outsourced Looker Studio Services

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Our team builds and maintains 100’s of Looker Studio dashboards for our digital agency clients. We build custom views for each stakeholder at the agency as well as for their end-clients based on requirements.

We leverage Looker Studio’s in-built connectors as well as use 3rd party tools such as SuperMetrics to pull and integrate data from different sources such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in addition to the data from the engines.

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Why Choose Us

We manage 100’s of Looker Studio templates and reports for our digital agency clients. We help with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.

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Implemented 500+ Looker Studio dashboards

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Our Data Scientists best equipped to fully exploit Looker Studio’s AI functionalities

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Expertise to build custom API integrations

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Integrate external algorithms to assist you get to the next level of Marketing Intelligence

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Our collaboration with DAT resulted in the many successful implementation of automated dashboards. The visualizations are not only visually appealing but also provide detailed insights. DAT’s continued support and maintenance have helped to maximize the benefits of Looker Dashboard’s. They have been sensitive to our changing demands, ensuring that we continue to benefit from the dashboard.

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