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DAT excels in digital media analytics and dashboards, harnessing advanced capabilities to provide comprehensive insights and visually intuitive dashboards that enable digital agencies to make data-driven decisions and optimize their digital strategies effectively

Outsourced Analytics and Dashboards

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We provide robust analytics and dashboard support tailored specifically for digital agencies. With a focus on advanced data analysis and real-time monitoring, our services equip agencies with actionable insights and visually intuitive dashboards. This streamlined approach ensures that digital agencies can efficiently track and optimize campaign performance, make informed decisions, and deliver measurable results for their clients.

DAT's analytics and dashboard support serve as a cornerstone for digital agencies aiming to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

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Analytics and Dashboard

GA4 and GTM

We offer Outsourced GA4 support to set up, track and monitor Google Analytics. In addition, we help digital agencies with a wide range of GTM tasks

  • Installation and Configuration
  • +
  • Event Tracking
  • +
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • +
  • Website Behaviour Analysis
  • +
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards
  • +
  • Integration with Google Applications
  • +
  • GA4 Audits
  • +
  • Audience Building
  • +
  • Cross Domain Tracking
  • +
  • GTM Tracking
  • +
  • DOM Tracking
  • +
  • Data Layer Variables
  • +
  • GTM Custom JS

Looker Studio

We ingest and integrate data, create templates, help with creating daily, weekly and monthly reports and integrate advanced analytics

  • + Data Ingestion and Integration
  • + Data Blending
  • + Dashboards and Visualizations
  • + Reporting

Power BI

We offer Outsourced Power BI support for digital agencies to handle all aspects of Power BI including data connection, report building, dashboard creation and embedding in Application.

  • + Data Connection and Import
  • + Data Transformation and Modelling
  • + Dashboard Creation and Interactivity
  • + Report Building
  • + Embedding in Applications


We streamline and optimize data integration, transform raw information into actionable insights, and leverage artificial intelligence for recommendations, ensuring our clients make informed and impactful decisions.

  • + Data Integration
  • + Data Transformation
  • + Dashboards and Visualizations
  • + Widget Configuration
  • + Automated Reporting
  • + Setup Automated Insights
  • + Alerts/Notifications

Data Warehousing

We build data warehouses for Digital Agencies enabling them to spend less time on data aggregation and more on optimizing campaigns, embracing a data-driven approach to elevate their clients' digital presence.

  • + Data Ingestion and Integration
  • + Data Architecture
  • + Data Warehousing
  • + Data Science, AI, and ML

Why Choose Us

Our dedicated team of Google Analytics certified analysts collaborates with our digital media team and data scientists to conceptualize and implement real-time, intuitive dashboards for our digital agency clients.

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Deep expertise in GA4 having transitioned 500+ clients from UA to GA4

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Analytics and technology team led by a data scientist with deep expertise in AI and ML

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Implemented and managing 500+ dashboards

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Expertise across Datorama, Power BI, Google Looker Studio, Domo, SuperMetrics and a host of 3rd party dashboard tools widely used by digital agencies

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DAT has helped our clients to seamlessly migrate from Universal analytics to GA4. Their expertise in GTM made our life easier in setting up specific user interaction as events, empowering our decision-making with actionable insights. Looker Studio’s visualization prowess elevated our data storytelling, enabling automated reports. The seamless integration of GA4 and Looker Studio by DAT has truly transformed our analytics landscape.

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