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LinkedIn Translation Tool and QR Code Scanner

Writen by sagar T

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QR Code Scanner
LinkedIn code

LinkedIn’s mobile app allows marketers to complete tasks using their smartphones that they complete on their desktops. It enhanced the level of communication by enabling professionals to stay connected when they are away from their desks, particularly during travel and off time.

New Releases from LinkedIn:

In an attempt to help you expand your professional network effectively and seamlessly, the Microsoft owned platform has come up with two important releases:

  • QR Code Scanner and
  • Translation Tool

Now, let us see how it can enable you to dive deeper than usual while making connections.

QR Code Scanner

LinkedIn is the newest platform on Social Media to introduce the option for scanning QR codes. This feature is available in Mobile Apps of both the Android and IOS operating systems. The important highlight of this feature is its simplicity.

Benefits for Marketers

You will be able to

  • Find user profiles in a very short time
  • Connect instantly with people
  • Connect to people when there are no business cards to exchange (Note – it is a good idea to use this feature even when you exchange business cards)
  • Use it as a tool for identification in conference badges and lanyards
  • Share these codes on email and messaging channels
  • Display it on desired websites
  • Put them up on merchandise and event brochures
  • Use them on your resumes

Translation Tool

The translation tool is very handy and particularly useful if you have international connections. It is available right now on the desktop and mobile web, but will also be shortly available on the mobile app. Let us take a peek at this unique feature. The translation feature is offered by Microsoft Text Analytics API just the way it supports Bing, Skype and Twitter.

Translation Tool

Benefits for Marketers

You will be able to

  • Share non-English posts easily (as translations are available in 60 languages-that include Spanish, German and Japanese)
  • Translate posts into English for sending
  • Connect with people and organizations irrespective of the language they speak

Wrapping Up

It is evident that LinkedIn is aiming to provide borderless interaction for your businesses by helping you interconnect even more closely with people. These creative tools can certainly make your business more productive and successful.