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Top 9 tools to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads

Writen by sagar T

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Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Competitive intelligence is a necessity for both small and large businesses alike. Today, social media is the top source for digital marketing and taking time to review the social strategies of your competitors can put you strategically at an advantage and provide you valuable insights for your social media campaigns. You will get to engage with your audience better and understand the reasoning of their decisions. You will also be in position to outweigh your risks with useful strategies that are bound to benefit your business.

According to Adespresso, Facebook is dominating the digital advertiser market with over 3 million active advertisers. It is recommended for marketers to spy on the ads of their competitors particularly when they are running campaigns on Facebook.

You can find innovative ideas to incorporate into your campaigns. It is indeed very intriguing to know how your competitor fares, to get cues about the audience, and to inspire your creative choices. There are several tools that are available below that will help guide you to get an idea of your competitor’s ads and emulate them for achieving success.


Adsova is an excellent paid tool that offers a trial version only for $1. It has an enormous collection of over 5 lakh ads.Adsova refreshes its database every day to provide you with the latest ads used by businesses. You will be able to find visual ads in addition to the regular text ads on Adsova.


Source: Adsova


Swiped has a gallery of inspiring ideas from both modern and classic examples to give you different niches and opportunities. How this works is the tool highlights ideas in the form of explanations to help you make your ads more effective.

Facebook Ad


Info and Ads:

Info and ads are extremely useful tools from Facebook that allow businesses to spy on competitors with the click of a single button. It is a very ideal tool for small businesses it helps them find out if a particular competitor has presence or is running ads in their target locations. The best part is it’s free to use!

Info and Ads

Source: Connectio


AdEspresso is a smart tool that comes in very handy for marketers. The uniqueness of AdEspresso is that it shows ads from 25 major industries which allows you to see ads from your competition and get information on engagement for all the ads.




AdLeap Software is an exclusive tool that helps you to find and analyze the Facebook ads of your competitors for free. The benefit of this tool is that it helps marketers easily learn about well performing ads, set alerts, and contact the support whenever necessary.


Source: Connectio

AdSwiper’s Facebook Ad Spy Tool

AdSwiper’s Facebook Ad Spy Tool can save you both time and money when testing ads. There is a free and a paid version option for this software. The benefit of investing in the paid version is that you can access more features than you will find with using their free version. It is possible to scrutinize the ads of your competitors by making use of filters, keywords, and word count.


Source: Connectio

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is particularly useful for those who intend to launch an effective social media campaign with ease. You can search and see thousands of ads from across the globe. Leverage your Facebook ad performance by making use of your detailed search filters such as: timelines, ad frequency, text, URLs, device, and demographic information.

Social Ad scout

Source: Social Ad Scout


The PowerAdSpy tool is one of its kind. It has a huge database that gives you valuable information on your competitors as it shows their audience’s interests and geography. You can get access to about 6 million ads from over 15 countries, and categorize their Facebook ads by keyword, advertiser, and location.


Source: PowerAdspy


The PayPerTrail software saves your time and increases your ROI while using this powerful tool. You can enhance your business and expand your network reach by discovering the high performing websites and the potential strategies of your competitors. You can also learn about viral trends and set alerts with advanced bookmarking systems available.

Pay Per Trial

Source: AffiliateFix

Marketing Benefits:

By applying the tools and tips above, you will find that you can gain many valuable benefits for your business.
These benefits include:

  • Accomplish targets for your Facebook campaigns and more effective strategies.
  • Uncover the most profitable ads of your competitors and gain inspiring ideas.
  • Internal analysis access for optimizing your Facebook ads.
  • Immensely useful resources for gaining ideas.
  • Advantage over your competitors
  • Obtain a better understanding of customer’s pain points and use this information for optimizing your ads.

So which tools are you planning to use to boost your Facebook advertisement? Using the above tools should help you to make informed decisions that will really add to the success of your business.