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How to avoid common Video Marketing Mistakes

Writen by sagar T

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most successful digital campaign in marketing strategies today. Videos can make a significant impact on the products or services offered by a business. A study from Zadro Web shows that video consumption has doubled with on mobile phones. Videos are shared 1200% more than text and images combined on social media. Videos are very impactful as 64% viewers tend to purchase the product or avail the service after watching them.

The advancement of technology in the areas of video production equipment, smartphone technology, and the convenience of use provided by YouTube, has enabled marketers to produce and distribute videos cost effectively. Hence, videos are becoming an integral part of the marketers’ digital media strategy. Video marketing has been increasingly used to reach different markets and engage the target audience.



However, as with any other media, video marketing should have a clear strategy and ought to be implemented well. Here are the tips that will help you in your success:

  • Stories: Marketers and businesses tend to focus more on the products or services offered. This can keep prospects away. Mere information on facts may not attract people. So share stories of customers who have used your products or availed your services to create interest in them.
  • Clear Message: It is imperative to have a clear message that people can absorb in a short duration of time. This is because people do not prefer watching long videos. It is necessary to make a concise point that is unequivocal to the viewers.
  • Branding: More often than not, marketers focus on making the videos funny and interesting and forget about brand. The viewers remember the story but forget the brand on the ad that is counterproductive. Branding is very important to make a lasting impression on the visitor and achieve business goals. So make sure that the viewers remember your brand and associate with it.
  • Promotion: It is usually seen that after working hard to create a video, marketers slap the video on the websites expecting results. To truly use and leverage the video, the marketers must use paid and non-paid channels to promote the video and bring traffic to the website.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Marketers do not optimize the video descriptions and titles as a part of their SEO strategy. This can decrease the chances of content being found. So it is necessary to optimize videos from an SEO standpoint for boosting your business.

It is possible to create a remarkable experience using videos and make the desired impact on the viewers. By being conscious and taking the above mentioned steps. this can help you to connect, resonate. and engage with your audience. You will be able to drive traffic, increase leads, and improve ROI.