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Ways Creators can benefit with IGTV from Instagram

Writen by sagar T

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Benefits of IGTV from Instagram

Instagram’s platform is continuously growing annually as one of the top social media sites today. According to Wordstream, currently in 2018, there are over 800 million Instagrammers, compared to the 600 million surveyed in December 2016. There are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram worldwide and 70.7% of the US companies use Instagram for marketing, edging out Twitter for the first time. An astounding 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business.

Forrester Research, Inc has surveyed that the average engagement rate on Instagram for brands was 58 times higher than that on Facebook.

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And now, Instagram has launched IGTV…

Using IGTV, you have the flexibility to upload videos that can run up to an hour allowing you to promote your business and position it uniquely using powerful video content on Instagram.

You can access IGTV from the Instagram’s home screen on your desktop or by using the app on your mobile device. IGTV is available on both iOS and Android.

Instagram IGTV

The TV shaped button above “Stories” is the link to access IGTV. The uniqueness of IGTV is that it is not restricted to people who are popular or celebrities. It permits anyone to create videos. Viewers can watch videos undisturbed without any interruption.

Benefits for Viewers:

  • Longer videos – Viewers will be able to discover several long form videos from the “For You,” “Following,” and “Popular” tabs and watch them. IGTV will play vertical videos from the people who viewers follow the moment they sign in.
  • Browse tab for suggested videos – Viewers will get access to recommended videos or continue to watch videos that have been already watched. This feature is beneficial for the viewer as they do not have to take the time to search through the content.
  • New content notifications – Viewers will see callouts that draw their attention towards new content. This will bring viewers closer to their favorite pages and brands.

Benefits for Creators:

  • Create interesting videos on small screen – To gain more attention from your viewers, IGTV enables you to create attractive videos that will entice and resonate with your audience.
  • Create channels – You can start your own channel that allows your audience to subscribe to it. This enables you to build a strong audience base and give an effective delivery of your message.
  • Drive traffic to your website – You can insert links in the description of videos that will generate traffic to your website.
  • Make money – There are about 1 billion users on Instagram. This number allows you ample opportunities to grow your audience, generate sales, and increase your ROI.

IGTV could potentially become the media’s number one choice to deliver video content, specifically to mobile devices. You can be one of the first users in exploiting this channel for advertising. Given the massive audience base of Instagram and the benefits described above, this could be a very effective channel for your business especially to reach the millennial base.