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Deliver Effective and Efficient Digital Media Campaigns powered by highly skilled and trained people, Best-in-Class Processes and Best-of-the-Breed Technology

At DAT we believe that the right combination of people, process and technology form the foundation of a highly effective deliver model. We handpick candidates with highly quantitative educational background, train them extensively and retain high performing employees. We have detailed process, checklist and QC guidelines for each and every digital media campaign management task that our team uses to deliver error free campaigns to our clients.

Finally, we are technology agnostic and use any technology preferred by our clients. At the same time, we can recommend the right platforms and tools should a client ask for our recommendation. What’s more, we have built a proprietary tool kit that enables us to manage the campaigns effectively and efficiently.



  • Typically recruit candidates with Engineering and/or MBA educational qualification
  • Screened using Math and English Aptitude tests
  • Screened using English essay writing and "attention to detail test"
  • 2 rounds of interview before the final job offer


  • Fundamentals classroom training
  • Google Ads, Google Analytics and Bing Certifications
  • Continuous learning program and training
  • Daily knowledge share, weekly and monthly training with tests
  • Organization Culture and Team Building Exercises


  • Retention bonus program for high performers
  • Employee enrichment programs
  • Soft-skills training
  • Offers the Right Benefits
  • Clear Path Coaching for Advancement
  • Work-Life Balance Support

Digital Marketing Process

standard operating procedure flowchart

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Detailed SOP document for each process
  • Supported by well-refined templates
  • Detailed checklists
  • Highly scalable based on demand

Quality Assurance

  • Three layers of quality assurance (doer + 2 others)
  • Dedicated QA personnel
  • 99.5% error-free rate
  • Google Ads Scripts and proprietary tool kit to identify and eliminate errors
quality assurance layers

Technology – Proprietary Tool Kit

online budget tracker tool

Online Budget Tracker

  • Online tool to track MTD spend and budget utilization against budget
  • Custom created for each client / account based on tracking requirements (e.g., budget level, geo level)
  • Proactively identify budget pacing issues
  • Consistently achieve 99%+ budget utilization efficiency

Google Ads Scripts

  • Custom developed Google Ads Scripts library
  • Our “Hygiene Google Ads Script Library” identifies and eliminates errors
    •  Broken Landing Pages & Missing Extensions
    •  Remove no Impression Keywords
    •  Negative Keyword Conflicts
    •  Pause Duplicate Ad copies
    •  Disapproved Ads
  • Our “ROI Google Ads Script Library” improves spend and campaign effectiveness
    • Proactively identify and address underspend and overspend
    • Comprehensive audit template to identify optimization opportunities
    • Bid optimization aligned to client’s goals
google ads scripts
bid modifiers tool kit

Bid Modifiers Tool Kit

  • Geo – Recommend positive / negative bid modifiers based on geo performance
  • Device – Recommend positive / negative bid modifiers based on device performance
  • Day Parting Tool – Recommend positive / negative bid modifiers based on hour of the day and day of the week performance

Broken Link Checker

  •  Identify broken URLs
  •  Identify redirect URLs
broken link checker
tag audit tool

Tag Audit Tool

  •  Identify missing tags
  •  Check to see if the tags are tracking the data properly
  •  Receive notification emails
  •  Manually fix issues
  •  Schedule scans