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Looker Studio

The Simple Guide to Google Looker Studio

Writen by Magesh

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Google Looker Studio

Google has provided us with lots of data tools over the years. One such tool is Google Looker Studio. Studio gives you the power to visualize your reports easily.

This blog will cover all you need to know before using this fantastic tool by Google. But first, we have to know what it is and what it does.

What is Google Looker Studio?

Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) is a data visualization platform that helps you to create and understand your reports easily.

You can use the free version or the recently announced paid version of Looker Studio, called Looker Studio Pro. The paid version has extra features, including SLAs, enterprise capabilities, team workspaces, Google Cloud project linking, and technical support.

So what’s the difference between Google Analytics (GA) and Google Looker Studio? Google Analytics collects data about your website’s traffic, while Google Looker Studio helps you visualize and analyze that data.

Looker Studio allows you to connect data sources from various places into one central place and turn that data into a simple report.

You can connect your GA account with Looker Studio using the built-in Looker Studio Google Analytics connector. To do so simply;

  • Log In to Google Looker Studio
  • Click Create > Data Source
  • Select the Google Analytics 4 Property and authorize it
  • Create Report

So what can you expect from Looker Studio?

What You Can Do With Looker Studio:

  • Use graphics, tables, and bar charts in your reports
  • Add text to explain data points in your reports
  • Change fonts and colors
  • Add client logos to your reports
  • Add videos to your client reports

So what are the advantages of using Google Looker Studio?

Looker Benefits and Features

Benefits of Looker Studio

Connect to a Wide Variety of Data Sources

There are over 600 partner connectors that enable Looker Studio to use virtually any kind of data. You have more data sources than you could possibly use, which means you can get insights from almost all kinds of data you might have.

Interactive Dashboards

As mentioned above, Looker Studio uses various data sources to deliver valuable insights. The insights enable you to create interactive dashboards and reports easily. Then these easily digestible reports help you make smarter business decisions.


Looker Studio has made it easier for you to share your reports. You can now collaborate in real time with your team or even embed your reports via HTML.

Features of Looker Studio

Drag and Drop Features

To make Looker Studio easy to use, Google ensured that you can drag and drop objects in the report editor. In addition, it features a snap-to-grid canvas, and you can customize the property panels.

Report Templates

Looker Studio has plenty of report templates. In addition, you can always customize the Looker Studio Report Templates design to present your data the way you want.

Report Embedding

You can include your report in any web page or intranet via embedding using HTML.

Looker Studio API

You can easily set up an application using the Looker Studio API. With the API, Cloud Identity organizations and Google Workspace can automate the migration of Looker Studio assets.

Data Connectors

Looker Studio has ‘connectors’ that connect reports to data. With these ‘connectors’, you can easily access and use data.

How to Get Started With Google Looker Studio

Accessing Looker Studio

Head to the Google Looker Studio website, and log in or create a new account.

Google Looker Studio website

Once you sign in or click “Get started”, You’ll be redirected to the Looker Studio homepage, where you can create a report or data source. On the left-hand side, you can see the Templates option, which shows you all available templates.

Looker Studio Template Option

For New Users

To understand Looker Studio properly, you should click “Tutorial Report” which will teach you the basics of the tool.

Tutorial Report of Looker Studio

You’ll gain access to step-by-step tutorials about using Looker Studio.

Tutorial On Looker Studio
Creating a Report

If it’s your first-time using Looker Studio, you’ll have to complete your account setup by answering a few basic questions like your country, company name, and email preferences.

Looker Studio Account Setup

Once you’ve sorted all that out, you can click “continue,” and Looker Studio will ask you to choose a ‘connector’.

Connectors by Looker Studio

Here you can select your data connectors. You can scroll down to see all the connectors offered.

Once you’ve chosen your connector, you’ll be asked to authorize it, and that means login into your connector, authorizing and connecting it.

Authorizing Looker Studio

In the case of Google Analytics, click your property > Add > Add to Report.

Add Report Section

Finally, Looker Studio will show you a blank report.

Looker Studio Blank Report

On the right-hand side, you’ll notice the theme and layout. You can customize your report here.

Get Started With Looker Studio Now

Now that you’ve seen what Looker Studio is all about, you can use its power to improve your business. The best part of Looker Studio is that it is mainly free to use, and there are many tutorials online on how to use it.

So keep learning and improving your Looker Studio skills.