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Proprietary Tool Kit

Ad Copy A/B Tests

Identifies Champion’s adcopy for each adgroup based on statistically significant tests

PPC Ad copy drives Click Through Rates (CTR) that determines your Quality Score that affects your average position and CPC. So, it’s really important to have the most effective ad. We have developed and deployed a tool A/B tool that identifies best performing ads by ad group. We use t-tests and chi-squared tests to ensure that the differences in performances are statistically significant. The client use this information to pause the worse performing ads and create new ad copy (challenger) to pit against the best performing ads (champion). Using this cyclical process, the client continuously enhance the quality of their ad copy.

ad copy ab test
paid search audit
paid search report tools

Paid Search Audit Template

It is a comprehensive template that addresses all aspects of Paid Search

  • We use two comprehensive templates for paid search – Hygiene Audit and Performance Audit

Hygiene Audit

It’s a comprehensive checklist that is systematically used to identify issues with set-up. WE check all settings at the engine level (if accounts run across engines), account level, campaign level, ad group level and keyword level to uncover inconsistencies and errors. In addition, we also check ad copy, and site links. Using this template, we have uncovered numerous errors that were fixed by our clients to save thousands of dollars.

Performance Audit

As the name suggests, this template focuses on identifying performance optimization opportunities for KPIs that are important to our client. This template allows us to analyze the account very systematically to uncover optimization opportunities. This template is used in conjunction with the several tools that we listed above. We have delivered performance improvement of between 5% and 50% for our clients.

SEO Audit Template

It is a comprehensive template that addresses all aspects of SEO

SEO audit template is a comprehensive checklist that covers all aspect of SEO. We use this template to systematically uncover opportunities for keyword targeting, on page and off page elements. The template guides the analyst to use data from all possible sources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Tool and 3rd party tools such as SEMRush, Moz and ahrefs to drive recommendations. The result is a data-driven and highly effective SEO optimization recommendations.

seo audit template
online budget tracker tool

Online Budget Tracker

  • Online tool to track MTD spend and budget utilization against budget
  • Custom created for each client / account based on tracking requirements (e.g., budget level, geo level)
  • Proactively identify budget pacing issues
  • Consistently achieve 99%+ budget utilization efficiency

Google Ads Scripts

  • Custom developed Google Ads Scripts library
  • Our “Hygiene Google Ads Script Library” identifies and eliminates errors
    •  Broken Landing Pages & Missing Extensions
    •  Remove no Impression Keywords
    •  Negative Keyword Conflicts
    •  Pause Duplicate Ad copies
    •  Disapproved Ads
  • Our “ROI Google Ads Script Library” improves spend and campaign effectiveness
    • Proactively identify and address underspend and overspend
    • Comprehensive audit template to identify optimization opportunities
    • Bid optimization aligned to client’s goals
google ads scripts
bid modifiers tool kit

Bid Modifiers Tool Kit

  • Geo – Recommend positive / negative bid modifiers based on geo performance
  • Device – Recommend positive / negative bid modifiers based on device performance
  • Day Parting Tool – Recommend positive / negative bid modifiers based on hour of the day and day of the week performance

Broken Link Checker

  •  Identify broken URLs
  •  Identify redirect URLs
broken link checker
tag audit tool

Tag Audit Tool

  •  Identify missing tags
  •  Check to see if the tags are tracking the data properly
  •  Receive notification emails
  •  Manually fix issues
  •  Schedule scans
  • For more details on, Visit Tag Audit tool

PPC Scripts

  • Monthly Budget Pausing Script
  • Campaign Budget Script (Exact Budget) – Budget Management Script
  • Campaign Budget Script (Increase by percentage) – Budget Management Script
  • Campaign Label Script – Add /  Remove Labels
  • Campaign Name change Script
  • Ad group Name Change Script
  • Campaign End date Script
  • Final URL Suffix Script
  • Build Ad Copy Script – Traffic Ad copies
  • Remove or pause Ad Copy Script
  • Domain Name check Script
  • Zero Active Ads in a Ad group Script
  • Zero Active Keyword in a Ad group Script
  • Zero Clicks For Last 3 days Script
  • Disapproved Ads Script
  • Trademark Conflict Script (Can’t get Reason column)
  • Ad copy Contains Number Script