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Outsourced Paid Social Analysts

Our analysts take care of all aspects of paid social advertising across a wide range of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Our highly skilled analytical team selects target audience, manages bids and budgets and creates dashboards.

Our team has deep experience in managing social media ads, either directly in the social media platforms or through 3rd party platforms such as Acquisio, Marin and Kenshoo. Moreover, we build social media dashboards in Google Data Studio using connector tools such as SuperMetrics.

We constantly meet or exceed our agency client's budget and performance goals.

paid social media platforms
pay social media audit


  • Activities: Account Hygiene Check, Ad Copy Review, Performance Audit @ Campaign/ Ad-Set / and Tactical levels (Geo, Device, and Day Parting)
  • Channels: Facebook, LinkedIn

Target Selection

  • Activities: Target Customer’s Demographic (Age, Location, Gender, Income level, Education level, Marital or family status, Occupation, Ethnic background), Target Customer’s Psychographic (Personality, Attitudes, Values, Interests/hobbies, Lifestyles, Behavior)
  • Channels: Facebook, LinkedIn
paid social target selection
paid social media trafficking


  • Activities: Campaign, Ad Set, Audience, Ad Copies, Ad Scheduling, Geo-Targeting
  • Tools: Marin, Acquisio, Kenshoo, Facebook, LinkedIn

Bid Management

  • Activities: Daily Budget Monitoring, Bid Optimizations, Devices, A/B Testing, Geo Location Performances, Demographics Review, Landing Page Optimization
  • Tools: Marin, Acquisio, Kenshoo, Facebook, LinkedIn
paid social bid management
paid social reporting


  • Activities: Daily Tracker, Bi-Weekly/Weekly/Monthly performance Reports, Competitor Analysis, Optimization Reports, Geo/Day Parting/Platform/Device Reports, Custom Ad-Hoc reports
  • Tools: Marin, Acquisio, Kenshoo, Facebook, LinkedIn

See how DAT helped a mid-sized agency to scale up and
down at will for Facebook Advertising

A mid-sized agency serving several pharma clients was facing huge fluctuations in Facebook campaign management workload. DAT stepped in to provide the agency with a flexible “pay-as-you-use” staffing model that ensured that right team size was always available to this agency leading to high profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to scale up and down at will
  • High end-client satisfaction
  • High profitability
  • No long term contracts
  • Cheaper than freelancers
  • One point of contact