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Our team connects with various data sources in digital media, and pulls and integrates data to create highly insightful, repetitive and scalable dashboards for our agency clients. We are adept at creating white label templates in Tableau that enables our clients to customize for each of their end clients.

In addition, our data science team uses advanced analytical features in Tableau to develop predictive models. They connect our custom predictive and machine learning models developed in R to Tableau to deploy highly sophisticated analytics for our agency clients.

Here’s our select list of Tableau services

tableau services

Defining Goals & Objectives

  • Activities: Target Audience, KPIs, Benchmarking, Data Selection, Deadlines, Metrics, Tools, Identify Data Sources, Refining Benchmarks
data selection goals and objective
data blending

Data Blending

  • Activities: Data Connection, Data sources Set Up, Primary & Secondary Database Designation, Linking relationship, Joins

Design Prototype

  • Activities: Google Sheets, Google Slides, Metrics, Indexes, Charts, Data Segmentation, Convert the data types, aggregate Data, Filter Results, Calculate ratios, Custom calculations


design prototype
device specific dashboards

Device Specific Dashboards (Device Designer)

  • Activities: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile specific Dashboards, Auto-Generate Phone Layouts, Custom Edit Layouts, Optimizing Layouts, Optimizing White Spaces

Webpage as an object on Dash Board

  • Activities: URL creation, Integration with Tableau Work Book, Creating stories Multiples Views, Story Boards
object on dashboard

DAT creates and manages 100+ Tableau dashboards for a
West Coast digital agency

DAT analysts helped a West Coast digital agency to migrate all its reporting from Excel to Tableau. DAT created white label custom templates saving costs and time for the agency. Continue to create and manage all new client reports and report updates for current clients.

Key Benefits

  • Deep analytical background
  • Scale up/down based on needs
  • Low costs
  • Cheaper than freelancers
  • Predictive modelling capabilities
  • On-demand reporting Deep expertise in R