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Outsourced SEO Analysts

Our analysts take a systematic approach to SEO campaigns starting with SEO audit. We have developed a proprietary SEO audit template that is leveraged by several of our agency clients to uncover SEO improvement opportunities in a systematic fashion.

Our team completes SEO audits and tasks for 100+ clients every month. We use a variety of best-of-the-breed 3rd party tools such as ahrefs, SEMRush, MOZ, Raven, Google’s Page Speed insights and Yext.

We also deploy our proprietary tool kit for a variety of SEO tasks.

seo tool kit
seo audit


  • Activities: Site Audit, On-Page and Off-Page Optimization Ideas
  • Tools: SEM Rush, AHREFS, Search Console, Deepcrawl, Screaming Frog

Keyword Reserch

  • Activities: Keyword Selection, Competition, Search Volume, Geo Modifiers, Business Relevance
  • Tools: Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush
seo keyword research
seo benchmark report


  • Activities: Traffic Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis
  • Tools: Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Search Console


  • Activities: Site Speed, Header Tags, Meta Tags, Image Alt Tag, Content Optimization, URL Optimization, internal linking, robots.txt and image optimization.
  • Tools: Deepcrawl, AHREFS, Screaming Frog
seo onsite optimization
seo offsite optimization


  • Activities: Social Bookmarking, Local Business Listing, Blog Posting, Social Media Optimization, Article Submission
  • Channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube


  • Activities: Daily Tracker, Bi-Weekly/Weekly/Monthly performance Reports, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Ranking, Backlinks
  • Tools: Google Analytics, SEM Rush, AHREFS, Search Console
seo reporting

Learn how a SMB SEO agency chose DAT as
its services partner?

SEO agency serving the SMB market with a SEO platform realized the need to offer SEO services in addition to the platform for this market. The SEO agency required a low-cost delivery model to serve this highly price sensitive target market. DAT serves then with a low-cost and scalable infrastructure that enables them to serve this market profitably

Key Benefits

  • Low cost SEO infrastructure
  • Well-defined processes
  • Excellent knowledge of their
    SEO platform
  • Stable team – no churn issues
  • Cheaper than freelancers
  • High profitability