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Outsourced Paid Search Analysts

Our Google Ads and Bing certified analysts manage all aspects of paid search – we can take up end-to-end campaign management or specific ad hoc tasks. Our team manages 1000’s of campaigns for 1500+ clients with $80M budget / year.

Our team is technology agnostic and manage your campaigns across a variety of platforms such as Google Ads Editor, Bing Desktop, Marin, Kenshoo and Acquisio. In addition, our team has deep experience in 3rd party tools such as WordStream, SpyFu, iSpinoge and SEMRush.

We use our own proprietary tool kit and Google Ads scripts extensively to automate and improve your paid search campaign performance.

paid search tool kit
paid search account setup

Account Set-Up

  • Activities: Account Creation, Time Zone, Billing Set-Up, Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics Integration
  • Tools: Google Ads, Bing Ads


  • Activities: Account Hygiene Check, Ad Copy Review, Performance Audit @ Campaign/ Ad-group /Keyword and Tactical levels (Geo, Device, and Day Parting)
  • Tools: Proprietary Tools, Google Scripts
paid search audit
ppc forecasting tool


  • Activities: Estimation of Keyword Search Volume, CPCs, Monthly Clicks, Conversions, CPA, Monthly Cost
  • Tools: Ad Words Keyword Planner, SEM Rush

Campaign Build

  • Activities: Campaign Selection, Keyword Selection, Keyword Match Types, Landing Page Selection, Negative Keywords, Ad Copy Creation, Ad Extensions
  • Tools: Google Ads, Bing Ads, SEM Rush
build paid search campaigns
paid search trafficking


  • Activities: Campaign Ad-Group Keywords, Ad Copies, Ad Scheduling, Geo-Targeting, Languages Settings, Network, Ad Extensions
  • Tools: Google Ads / Bing Ads (Engine & Editor), Marin, Spyfu, Acquisio , Kenshoo


  • Activities: Identify & Create Audience List, Define Custom Audience list, Set-up created list @ Campaign / Ad-group level
  • Tools: Google Ads, Bing Ads
remarketing lists for search ads
ppc bid management

Bid Management

  • Activities: Daily Budget Monitoring, Keyword Bid Optimizations, Devices, A/B Testing, Bid Strategy Review, Geo Location Performances, QS Review, IS Optimization, Landing Pages Optimization, Ad-Hoc Analysis, SQR
  • Tools: Google Scripts, A/B Testing Tool, Proprietary Tools


  • Activities: Daily Tracker, Bi-Weekly/Weekly/Monthly performance Reports, Competitor Analysis, Optimization Reports, Keyword/Geo/Day Parting/Network/Device Reports, Custom Ad-Hoc reports
  • Tools: Adobe Analytics, Marine, Google Ads, Bing Ads
dashboard for digital agencies

See how DAT helped a 3 member PPC agency
become a 50 member family​

DAT’s ability to manage end-to-end Paid Search campaigns including forecasting, campaign build, bid/budget management and reporting, allowed the agency founders to focus on client growth and new business pitches leading to rapid growth of this agency.
Further, DAT’s “scale up/down” staffing model and low labor costs granted financial flexibility to fuel growth.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-End PPC management
  • Scale up/down based on workload
  • Pay as you use price model
  • Well defined PPC processes
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Stable Team
  • High profitability