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Outsourced Microsoft Power BI Developers

Our team, with deep expertise in Microsoft Power BI, develops and deploys 100’s of interactive dashboards for our agency clients in digital media. We use Power Bi’s in-built connectors to integrate data from various online and offline data sources to develop and deploy highly insightful custom reports for various stakeholders at our clients’ companies.

Our team combines, transforms, and organizes massive amounts of data using Power Query to create simple data modeling that can be leveraged for a wide range of dashboards and reports. We not only create templates and set-up reports, but also, manage and maintain the reports on an ongoing basis for a nominal monthly fee.

Here’s our select list of Microsoft Power BI services

microsoft power bi services

Your whole Business on one Dashboard

  • Activities: Choosing business process, monitor important data, Declaring the Granularity of Data, Identify Facts, Create Share Point online list, Selection of Project Details & Project Requests, Query Edits, Changing Data Types, Changing Data labels, Adding Calculated Columns to Project Details & Project Request
business dashboard
data source reports

Create Stunning Interactive Reports

  • Activities: Select the data source to pull data, Data (transform, analyze, visualize), create value boxes, charts, cards, combo charts, funnel charts, gauge charts, KPIs, line charts etc.


Embed Visualizations

  • Activities: Develop reports with Embedded services (Pie chart, Line Chart, Tree Map, Maps, Filled Maps, Shape Maps, R Visuals)
embed visualizations
set up end users experiences

Set up End Users Experiences

  • Activities: Align the charts, Visualize, Share Dashboards & Reports, Multipage Reports


  • Activities: All Visuals, Textbox, Visual Interactions, Color Pallet, Sort Order, Adding Tooltips to Charts, Video, Audio, Shapes, Images, Custom Visuals, Report sharing, Data-driven alerts for mobile insights


power bi accessibility

DAT user Power Query to Power Digital Media
Reports in Power BI

DAT analysts helped a West Coast digital agency to pull and integrate data using Power Query and build real time dashboards in Power BI. DAT customizes reports for each client with drill-down capabilities. In addition, DAT is in the process of building a forecasting model in R that is integrated into Power BI

Key Benefits

  • Deep analytical background
  • Scale up/down based on needs
  • Low costs
  • Cheaper than freelancers
  • Predictive modelling capabilities
  • On-demand reporting
  • Deep expertise in R