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How to Write Effective Ad Copy for Paid Search Campaigns

Writen by sagar T

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Ad Copy for Paid Search Campaigns

Creating effective ad copy for paid search campaigns isn’t difficult, but you must do it the right way. Of course, you have to use few words to showcase your brand; and each word must convey a particular meaning.

There is no specific approach to writing the best ad copy. However, you can follow some expert ad copywriting tips so that your marketing efforts can be successful. Here are eight tips for writing the best ad copy;

1. Include Keywords in Your Copy

You should incorporate keywords in your copy to mirror your targeted visitors’ queries. If you include phrases similar to what the visitors have typed in the search engines, they will be assured of being in the right place when they get to your landing pages.

If you utilize Google Ads, you will find keyword match types such as exact match, broad match, modified broad match, and phrase match. Most copywriting experts prefer using broad match to reach a wide audience. For example, if you utilize broad match on the phrase ‘luxury car’; your ad copy may be displayed when an internet user browses for ‘luxury cars,’ ‘expensive vehicles’ or even ‘fast cars.’

Keywords in Ad Copy

Including keywords in ad copy is a simple task. However, make sure you utilize these keywords well. Don’t saturate your copy with keywords since your ad would lack meaning. In fact, an ad with stuffed keywords is much worse than an ad with no keywords.

Keywords in Landing Pages

You should also use keywords in your landing pages. The best way to use keywords in your landing pages is to incorporate them in your headlines so that your visitors can quickly scan and discern whether your business is the best fit for them.

2. Be Specific

Typically, internet users are specific in their online searches. Therefore, you should try to match their specificity in the best ways possible.

For example, if an internet user is searching for shoes; he or she may want to know about online shoes warehouses or women’s Nike shoes. If you create a specific ad, internet users will quickly click on it since your copy promises to give them what they exactly want.

3. Always Incorporate a Call to Action

Of course, you are running ads because you want your visitors to take a particular action. When you include a specific CTA in your ad copy, uninterested visitors will be weeded out – and you may save yourself from paying for such clicks.

The CTA in the ad copy should mirror with the content displayed on the landing page. For instance, if your CTA is ‘buy now’; your visitors should get a chance of purchasing some products on the landing page.

4. Test Various Psychological Approaches to Select the Best Fit

Your copy should be unique, and you should refrain from creating bland and boring ads. There are some various psychological approaches which you can use to create effective ad copy. Here is a quick overview of these approaches;

  • Features. You highlight the intangible or physical aspects of your service or product.
  • Prequalifying. You weed out people who may not be the best fit for your business. For example, you can utilize the phrase ‘luxury travelers’ to prevent people who are looking for cheap travel destinations from clicking your ad.
  • Benefits. You describe the positive effects your visitor will get from your product or service.
  • Problem. You relate to the problem which the visitor faces. For instance, you can use the phrase; ‘suffering from insomnia’ in an ad copy for a company selling weighted-blankets. 
  • Solution. You focus on providing the solution to the challenge which the visitor faces.
  • Top of the Class. You mention any reviews, ratings, or awards which distinguishes your brand from others.

Once you have selected the right approach, use it in both your ad copy and your landing pages so that you can get the best results.

5. Avoid False Information

No matter how much you want to convince visitors to click on your ads, never use false information. As a general rule, your landing page should back up the information contained in the ad copy.

For instance, if a prospective customer clicks on an ad which promises a 50% discount, and they find out that there is no such offer; they would be deeply frustrated. This way, they won’t complete the conversion action that you requested.

6. Frequently Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional texts that can increase the size of your copy. There are many types of ad extensions. Some of these types include site links, callout extensions, and structured snippets. It is up to you to select the right ad extension per your business needs.

There are many benefits to using ad extensions. For instance, your ad rank and quality score will increase. Furthermore, according to Google; your clicks can rise by at least 10% when you utilize ad extensions.

7. Use Dynamic Ad Features

There are some specific features which you can use to make your ads more impressive. Google AdWords usually provide most of these features, and they include keyword insertion, IF functions, and countdowns.

You can utilize dynamic search ads to get customers who are precisely looking for your services. For example, if you use dynamic ad features to create copy for an international hotel chain, and someone searches for ‘luxury hotel New York’ and views your ad which is titled ‘Luxury hotel – NYC’; he or she will immediately click on it and get to your landing page.

8. Remember That You Are Speaking to People

Never forget who you are creating the ad copy for – human beings who may turn out to be your potential customers. Before you launch an ad, evaluate it first with these questions;

  • Can I click on it?
  • Does it sound appealing?
  • Does it make sense or it is just keyword-saturated?
  • Is the landing page compatible with the ad copy?


Apart from following these technical tips, always tap into your creative nature and create fun, informative, and interesting ads which will apply to your target audience. Implement these tips and let us know your results!