Google Scripts for Agencies

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Powerful Automation Scripts for Google Ads

Google Ads scripts are meant to help ease/automate your PPC reporting and performance.

We, over last several years, have developed a robust library of Google Scripts to automate various aspects of paid search campaigns minimizing time spent by your staff on day-to-day management of accounts and reducing errors.

Benefits of using Scripts
  • Helps you to automate Google Advertising process
  • By using scripts, spend less time on reporting and analyzing, more on strategy
  • Make adjustments while you sleep
  • By using scripts, Spend less time on hygiene activities, more on audits
  • Quick catch – Set up alerts based on given thresholds
  • Eliminate mistakes, as it is completely automated
  • Bulk creation/updating can we performed at scale

Our Script Library

Here is our select sample list of Scripts

  • Preventing overspend
  • Identify duplicate ads
  • Ad group with no active keywords
  • Broken links
  • Domain Mismatch
  • Trademark Conflicts
  • Negative keyword conflicts
  • Pause under performing ads
  • Pause under performing keywords

What is unique with DAT?

  • You can view all these in a single easy-to-view dashboard.
  • We also offer customizable Google Scripts without any additional upfront costs.
  • We expertise writing scripts on below categories,
    • Ad Management Scripts
    • Hygiene Scripts
    • Keyword Scripts
    • Reporting Scripts
    • Auditing Scripts

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