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All You Need to Know About Custom Reports in Google Analytics 4

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You get access to a lot of data whenever you open your Google Analytics account and it can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to Google Analytics 4. However, the good people at Google ensured that you can still get the most out of Google Analytics 4 via the custom reports.

The reports enable you to get clear insights when you include the metrics you want to analyze.

This post will teach you all about custom reports in Google Analytics 4 as well as the common custom reports. Let’s get started.

What Are Custom Reports?

A Custom Report in Google Analytics 4 is simply a report you create and decide how you want the dimensions, e.g., City, and metrics, i.e., Sessions, to be displayed. Ted with them, you can view Google’s excellent tutorial on accessing custom reports in GA4.
Custom Reports in Google Analytics 4

5 Common Google Analytics Custom Reports

Site Speed Metrics Report

This report gives you the bounce rate and an overview of the page speeds based on the browsers used to access your website.
You can use the information in this particular report to optimize the pages that take too much time to load. Remember, people are impatient and will move on if your website takes lots of time to load.

Traffic Report

This report shows the pages that are getting the most traffic on your site. It also displays the time (taken by the visitor) on site and the bounce rate.
Using this report, you can ensure that you post quality call to actions (CTAs) on your most visited pages, and you can also include links to relevant content to keep visitors on your site.

Time and Hour of the Week Report

Using this report, you can learn when most of your target audience is online. So this report allows you to post or upload a social media post or announce a sale. You don’t have to keep guessing or posting content on your socials multiple times a day.
Using this report, your customers will interact more with your social media content because you post when they are online.

Daily Ecommerce Report

You can create your own personalized daily ecommerce report that shows you what you’ve done during the day, sales-wise. In addition, you can also get the report sent to your mail for convenience.

Campaigns Cost Report

The campaigns cost report is meant to help you know exactly how much money you’re spending on your social and search campaigns.
For instance, if you’re spending a small amount of money on Google (and Google is bringing you the most revenue) and a higher amount on other campaigns, this report may suggest adding your spend on google and lowering your spend on those campaigns that yield low revenue.
This report will help you analyze your spending and suggest how you can spend money optimally.
Common Google Analytics Custom Reports

Prerequisites to Creating Custom Reports

To be able to create custom reports, you must have the editor status on your GA4 account. So if your account was created by someone other than you, the person who created it must enter the admin panel and assign the editor status to you.

You should note that you can create up to 200 custom reports in one account. But you should remember that the more reports you have, the harder it is to analyze all of them and get precise insights. Having a few reports means you can focus more on them and derive the insights youre looking for.

How to Create a Custom Report on GA4

Sign in to Google Analytics, move your cursor to the upper left side of the Google Analytics page, and click on Reports.

Creating Custom Report in GA4

Under reports, scroll all the way down and click on Library.

Library Section in GA4

Under Library, scroll down, click Create new report, then Create detail report.

Creating New Report in GA4

On the following page, click on Blank or any of the Templates.

Creating Templates in GA4

That’s it. You now have a custom report.

Get Your Custom Reports

This post has covered all you need to know about custom reports. In summary, custom reports are meant to help you get more insights from the data that Google Analytics 4 derives from your website.

So now that you know all about custom reports, be creative and experiment with the different types of reports.

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