3 Competitive Intelligence Tools Digital Marketer Must Know

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3 Important Competitive Intelligence Tools Every Digital Marketer Must Know

Writen by Anand M A

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Competitive Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers

Today’s scenario of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become extremely competitive. To achieve success in this saturated market, a very deep understanding of the subject is needed. You will also need diverse knowledge of the tactics involved in the field as they are not confined to strategies. These include: keyword research, ad copy writing, and competitive analysis.

Because of the vast competition, it has become extremely difficult for marketers to achieve their desired results such as ranking high in search engines, achieving a high quality score for keywords in paid search, driving traffic to the website, and importantly, getting leads for the business through various online channels.

There are tools available that can help marketers like you to take your business to an extremely new high. By using these tools and tips below, you can endure a smooth process and achieve successful goals for your business.


Using this feature, you can make informed decisions and formulate result oriented strategies for your pay-per-click campaigns and organic channels for all the three search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will benefit as you can view the site’s spending for AdWords and profitable combinations of keywords and ads. You also get access to 127 million keywords.



Some additional advantage features with using SEMRush are:

  • competitor backlink audits
  • Merchandise
  • Site audits
  • Traffic analysis
  • Page metrics.



Take your business to an entirely new high by discovering your top competitors in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Further, you get to identify the most gainful keywords for your business and the amount spent by your competitors on AdWords.


Overall Benefits

  • Save time – you will able to complete complex reports easily with the information provided by these tools.
  • More effective marketing strategies- you will be able to streamline processes with an accurate understanding of metrics such as bids or the messaging in ad copies.
  • Increase profits- you will be able to allocate budgets for your products or services hitting your ROI goals
  • Spread awareness about your brand- you will be able to ensure that you are present for certain searches that are imperative.